Terence Koh: Press Cuttings File

Terence Koh: Press Cuttings File
Archive Shelf Location 24/18.KOH
Publication Date 2008

'Hung like a donkey' in Jackdaw, November 2008 ''Jesus erection' venue in trouble' Midlands Zone, October 2008 'Baltic Accused' in the Evening Chronicle, 24 September 2008 'Holy Daft' in the Times Knowledge, 23 September 2008 'Daring are or blasphemy?' in The Times (web), 19 September 2008 'I am the res-erection' in Pink Paper, 18 September 2008 'Baltic centre sued over work by Terance Koh' in Saatchi Gallery (web), 15 August 2008 'Outcry over 'provocative' statue of Christ' in Asia Pulse Business Wire (web), 29 July 2008 'First test of decency laws as gallery faces court over 'obscene' statue of Christ' in The Mail on Sunday, 27 July 2008 'Baltic set for court' in The Evening Chronicle, 28 July 2008 'First test of decency laws as gallery faces court over 'obscene' statue of Christ' in Daily Mail (web), 28 July 2008 'Art Gallery faces court for 'insulting' statue of Jesus' in Telegraph (web), 27 July 2008 'Art Now: London: God Almighty! [on religion in art in general - contains references to the Koh piece at BALTIC', Apollo Magazine, April 2008, p56-58 & 61 'The parable of Christ and the Tory coffers', by Oliver Marre in The Observer, 2 March 2008, p48 'In the frame' Art Newspaper, 1 February 2008, p2 'Funny Games: A riddle for Yayoi Kusama by Terence Koh' by Xerxes Cook, Tank, February 2008, p90-92 'Some art should be covered up' by Geoffrey Alderman, The Jewish Chronicle, 18 January 2008, p33 'Show respect to our Christian friends', The Jewish Chronicle, 18 January 2008 'Exhibits give a sleazy image, by Berhard Haugh [letter] in Evening Chronicle, 17 January 2008 'Terrence Koh's arousing artwork in UK', New York Daily News, 17 January 2008 'Let us see art which is not abusive' by John G Lovejoy in Evening Chronicle, 15 January 2008, p 20 'Offensive art is theology aid' by James Hastings in Catholic Times, 13 January 2008, p2 'Christians target Jewish art collector' by Candice Krieger, The Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 2008 'Outrage over model of Jesus' Argus Lite (Brighton), 11 January 2008, p13 'Christians want art destroyed after 3 complaints' Birmingham Post, 11 January 2008, p6 'UPI News Track Quirks in the News', Earth Times, 11 January 2008 'Immodest Jesus statue riles Christians', Earth Times 11 January 2008 'Aroused 'Jesus' row' The Sun, 11 January 2008 'Calls to destroy Jesus art at Baltic', Northern Echo, 11 January 2008, p12 'Christians demand destruction of 'blasphemous' statue', Milton Keynes Citizen, 10 January 2008 'Christ statue unacceptable' by Sheila R Ramsey [letter], Evening Chronicle, 9 January 2008, p23 'Erect Jesus statue stirs controversy among Christians', Pink News, 7 January 2008 'The passion of the Christ: Statue of Jesus with lob on causes outrage' by Carol Dwyer, 6 January 2008, p2 'Gallery shocks with explicit plaster Christ' by Richard Brooks in The Sunday Times, 6 January 2008, p6 'Jesus, give him a break!', Sunday Sport, 6 January 2008, p8 'Christ is risen...', The Sun, 4 January 2008, p18 'Jesus, this exhibition's a bit rude...', Metro London, 4 January 2008, p4 'Fury over Jesus with a hard-on', Daily Sport, 4 January 2008, p 15 'Poll of the Day' Evening Chronicle, 3 January 2008, p 35 'Gallery slammed over graphic image of Christ', Evening Chronicle, 3 January 2008 'Controversial statue of Jesus with an erection offends gallery visitors', Daily Mail Online, 3 January 2008 'Terence Koh's Jesus Erection Offends',, 3 January 2008 'No to BALTIC blasphemy', pamplet by, January 2008

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Format Press Articles
Related Artist Terence Koh
Related Event The Zabludowicz Collection: When We Build, Let Us Think That We Build Forever (21 Sept07 - 20 Jan08)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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