The Architecture of Knowledge: The Library of the Future

The Architecture of Knowledge: The Library of the Future
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Publication Date 2010
Description What will the library of the future look like? In an age in which information and communication are everywhere and the boundaries between producers and consumers of information are increasingly blurred, the question of what a public library might represent is urgent. The notion of a classical library in an academic environment with a formal collection and a permanent staff is already wavering. As a typology the library enjoys a rich history as an important component of public space within the city. As buildings libraries have always been a popular destination, which is why governments are still keen to employ them to enhance the image of their cities. At the same time, more and more libraries are expanding their scope by offering access to web browsers, on-line retrieval systems and other new media. What form and position will their physical structure need to assume in order to survive the changes that are taking place in this data-saturated realm of society – at present and in the future? The Architecture of Knowledge offers new insights into this bastion of public knowledge and collective memory as well as fascinating prospects for its future. International experts present concepts of collective knowledge, the notion of public space, thoughts on the relationship between (new) media and (cultural) society, and insights into product management and reception. The result is a fascinating journey into the future of an age-old institution, obligatory reading for architects, librarians and users alike. With contributions by Lev Manovich, Bart Verschaffel, Pim van den Berg, Markus Miessen and others.
ISBN 9789056627478
Quantity 1
Pages 124
Editor Huib Haye van der Werf
Format Softcover
Publisher Nai Publishers
Categories Library and Archive Science, Cultural Studies
Keyword Architecture (subject)
Language English

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