The Beautiful: Illustrations for Fashion and Style

The Beautiful: Illustrations for Fashion and Style
Library Shelf Location 23.KRUL
Publication Date 2010
Description The Beautiful is a stunning collection of work by 100 of today s trendiest and most promising fashion and lifestyle illustrators. Illustration is one of today s fastest growing creative disciplines. Its versatility has made it a key visual element in fashion, lifestyle, editorial design, and advertising. Illustrations depict and enrich content in magazines and other publications. They help advertisers to address target audiences more precisely. Illustration appears more and more frequently in fashion and packaging design, and the combination of illustration and photography has resulted in a new, more complex visual language. The Beautiful presents the work of today s most sought-after illustrators in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, editorial design, and commercial illustration. These include Autumn Whitehurst, Cecilia Carlstedt, Daniel Egneus, Ed Tsuwaki, Gabriel Moreno, James Dignan, Jenny Mörtsell, Jules Julien, Julie Verhoeven, Kareem Iliya, Lina Bodén, Linn Olofsdotter, Liselotte Watkins, Makiko Sugawa, Margot Macé, My Dead Pony, Piet Paris, Ricardo Fumanal, Sara Singh, Stina Persson, Tina Berning, and Will Broome.
ISBN 9783899553215
Quantity 1
Pages 224
Editor Anneke Krull
Format Softcover
Publisher Gestalten, Berlin
Categories Fashion, Illustration
Language English

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