The Bodies That Were Not Ours: And Other Writings

The Bodies That Were Not Ours: And Other Writings
Library Shelf Location 29.FUSC
Publication Date 18 Oct 2001
Description Interdisciplinary artist and writer Coco Fusco is one of North America's leading interpreters of intercultural theory and practice. This volume gathers together a selection of her recent writings and includes critical essays by Jean Fisher and Caroline Vercoe that interpret her work. Engaging and provocative, these essays, interviews, performance scripts and fotonovelas take readers on a tour of our current multicultural landscape. Fusco explores such issues as sex tourism in Cuba as a barometer of the island's entry into the global economy, Frantz Fanon's theorization of metropolitan blackness, and artistic and net activist responses to the effects of free trade on the Mexican populace. She interviews such postcolonial personnae as Isaac Julien, Hilton Als and Tracey Moffatt. Approaching the dynamics of cultural fusion from many angles, Fusco's satires, commentaries, and sociological inquiries collapse boundaries, and form a sustained meditation on how the forces of globalization impact upon the making of art
ISBN 9780415251747
Quantity 1
Pages 252
Author Coco Fusco
Format Paperback
Publisher Routledge
Category Live Art/Performance
Keyword Globalisation
Language English

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