The Book of Homelessness

The Book of Homelessness
Library Shelf Location 06.HOME
Publication Date 2020

The world’s first-ever graphic novel created by people affected by homelessness. Comprised of their drawings, texts, visuals and poems, this book gives ownership and control over who tells the stories of their lives and in what context.

The Book of Homelessness is a stunning anthology of stories and drawings created by people affected by homelessness about their own lives and experiences. It is the first time that a book like this has been published.

The stories contained in the book are personal, emotional, raw and honest. The stories are of pain, of abuse, of dysfunction, of families, of war and of rejection and of misplaced love, of overcoming difficulties and of fighting and succeeding. This is a beautiful book that shows the complexities of homelessness and what causes it and the struggles that people have undertaken to succeed and flourish.

ISBN 9781527281233
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Editor Marice Cumber
Format Hardback
Publisher Accumulate
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Graphic novels, Homelessness
Language English

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