The Book of Skin

The Book of Skin
Library Shelf Location 06.BODY
Publication Date 2004
Description The Book of Skin explores the amazingly elaborate and varied functions, roles and meanings of human skin within Western culture. Skin, Steven Connor argues, has never been more visible. He examines a wide range of sources, including literature, non-fiction and medical texts; art, photography and film; folklore, popular song and language. The book covers all aspects of skin’s cultural history, including the chromatics of skin colour and pigmentation, blushing, suntanning, paleness, darkening, tattooing, scarification, the Turin shroud, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the destructive rage exercised against skin in all kinds of violent fantasies, and the intensities and attenuations of touch. Connor also explains why particular colours are ascribed to feelings and conditions, such as green for envy, purple for rage and yellow for cowardice.
ISBN 1861891938
Quantity 1
Pages 304
Author Steven Connor
Format Paperback
Publisher Reaktion Books Ltd, London
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Body (subject), Emotions, Skin, Fetishes, Body Arts
Language English

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