the Civic Empowerment toolbox

the Civic Empowerment toolbox
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Publication Date 01 Jan 2022

The influence of media, big data and artificial intelligence on our daily lives is becoming increasingly tangible. The Civic Empowerment Toolbox focuses on the design of active citizenship and citizen participation, offering many examples as well as opportunities to kickstart your own initiative. Together, the six cahiers, including the introduction, offer a complete overview of design for civic empowerment where practice and theory come together, resulting in design recommendations, examples and future opportunities for research and education. The book is an analogue read from start to finish, but you can also read it crisscross, starting with any of the book’s key concepts, subdivided in twenty themes, allowing you to delve deeper into the fascinating elements of civic empowerment.

ISBN 9789492852717
Quantity 1
Pages 220p. / 17 x 25 cm
Editor Ben Schouten
Authors Ben Schouten, Silvia Cazacu
Format 6 Booklets in Hard Case
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Category Placemaking/Urban Planning
Keywords active citizenship, media influence, Urban planning, Civic Empowerment, Social Action

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