The Communist Postscript

The Communist Postscript
Library Shelf Location 05a.GROY
Publication Date Feb 2010
Description Translated by Thomas Ford A provocative essay on the relationship between communism, philosophy and language. Since Plato, philosophers have dreamed of establishing a rational state ruled through the power of language. In this radical and disturbing account of Soviet philosophy, Boris Groys argues that communism shares that dream and is best understood as an attempt to replace financial with linguistic bonds as the cement uniting society. The transformative power of language, the medium of equality, is the key to any new communist revolution.
ISBN 9781844674305
Quantity 1
Pages xxiv, 127p. ; 16cm.
Author Boris Groys
Format Hardback
Publisher Verso Books, London and New York
Categories Theory, Philosophy
Keywords Marxism, Communism
Language English

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