The Creative Thinking Plan: How to Generate Ideas and Solve Problems in your Work and Life

The Creative Thinking Plan: How to Generate Ideas and Solve Problems in your Work and Life
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Publication Date 2008
Description The processes involved in creative thought seem mysterious and can often elude us. Yet the ability to think creatively and productively is vital to our personal and professional lives.Creativity is a major economic force in the 21st century and an essential part of everyday life. Being smart in today’s world means we have to be flexible to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Demands upon us can change daily, our personal circumstances alter and the markets within which we operate shift. To achieve harmony, balance and success through all this constant change we need to think creatively. But how do we do this? How do we know which skills and habits will directly increase and impact on our ability to think creatively? And how can we develop and nurture them? In this comprehensive full-colour guide the authors help us to advance our skills to meet the challenges we face in our daily lives in an innovative and creative way. Learn how you can strengthen and develop the attitudes that enable creativity, break those that stifle innovation and discover the techniques you need to draw out your positive and creative side. Through practical exercises and inspiring examples you’ll instil a positive mind-set that will make innovative, productive and creative thinking a way of life. Take on new challenges and projects with confidence and find out how to create a creative and stimulating environment within your workplace. This book is for anyone who wants to tap into their creativity and develop a mind-set where good ideas flow more freely in all circumstances, reaping the benefits that creative and innovative thought can offer.
ISBN 9781406614251
Quantity 1
Pages 232
Authors Guy Claxton, Bill Lucas
Format Paperback
Publisher BBC
Category Education/Learning
Language English

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