The Debutante and Other Stories

The Debutante and Other Stories
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Publication Date 2017

This book is part of the reading list supplied by Heather Phillipson in her exhibition at BALTIC Heather Phillipson: The Age of Love (19 October 2018 – 31 March 2019)

A debutante frees a hyena from the zoo so that it might take her place at her coming-out ball; an artist paints a portrait of a man s dead wife, but finds she has painted herself instead; a woman makes love to a boar underneath a mountain of cats; a chicken is roasted with the brains and livers of thrushes, truffles, crushed sweet almonds, rose conserve and drops of divine liqueur; two noble sisters wonder whether anybody can be a person of quality if they wash away their ghosts with common sense ; a psychoanalyst must decide what to do with the gift of a team of Russian rats trained to operate on humans.

In this first complete edition of Leonora Carrington's short stories, written throughout her life from her early years in Surrealist Paris to her late period in Dirty War-era Mexico City, the world is by turns subversive, funny, sly, wise and disarming.

With an Introduction by Sheila Heti and an Afterword by Marina Warner

This is the full reading list (NB. Not all of these are available in BALTIC Library)


Butler, Octavia: Blood Child

Cavell, Stanley; Diamond, Cora;, McDowell, John; Hacking, Ian; Wolfe, Cary: Philosophy and Animal Life

Carrington, Leonora: The Debutante & Other Stories

Carrington, Leonora: Jezzamathatics or introduction to the wonderful process of painting (artist's statement)

Carson, Rachel: Silent Spring

Derrida, Jacques: The Animal that Therefore I Am

Easterling, Keller: Enduring Innocence

Eshun, Kodwo: More Brilliant than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction

Haraway, Donna: Staying with the Trouble

Hildyard, Daisy - Second Body

Hooks, Bell: All About Love

Howard, Len: Birds as Individuals

Myles, Eileen: Afterglow

Pasarello, Elena: Animals Strike Curious Poses

Rich, Adrienne: Arts of the Possible

Ruocco, Joanna: Multi-Course Small Plates, Craft Lofts, Prix Fixe  

Steyerl, Hito: The Terror of Total Dasein

Two Fingers & Kirk, James T.: Junglist (Backstreet)


Juliette of the Herbs, Dir. Trish Streeten

Heart of a Dog, Dir. Laurie Anderson​

ISBN 9780995716209
Quantity 1
Pages 168p; 13 x 1.3 x 19.8 cm
Author Leonora Carrington
Format Paperback
Publisher Silver Press, London
Related Artist Heather Phillipson
Category Non-art books relating to BALTIC exhibitions
Keyword Reading List for the exhibition 'Heather Phillipson: The Age of Love (19 October 2018 – 31 March 2019)'
Language English

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