The Dwarf in the Chess Machine: Benjamin's Hidden Doctrine

The Dwarf in the Chess Machine: Benjamin's Hidden Doctrine
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Publication Date 2018


The Dwarf in the Chess Machine offers a study of the tension between materialism and theology in the work of the German-Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin. Belgian philosopher, art historian, writer and activist Lieven De Cauter takes Benjamin's own metaphor--that there is a "dwarf of theology" hidden inside the seemingly mechanical, seemingly inevitable power of historical materialism--and traces its presence throughout Benjamin's oeuvre, showing how it produced his unique take on historical materialism.
In the course of demonstrating this thesis, De Cauter examines Benjamin's language theory, his art theory, his philosophy of history and his legendary, labyrinthine unfinished magnum opus on Paris, the Arcades Project. The resulting book is a detailed, meticulous and lucid analysis of the structure of Benjamin's texts and an indispensable resource for anyone who admires the work of one of the most influential and prophetic thinkers of the 20th century.


ISBN 9789462084971
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Pages 512 Pages
Author Lieven De Cauter
Format Paperback
Publisher nai010 publishers
Category Philosophy
Keyword Philosophy
Language English

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