The Heroine Paint: After Frankenthaler

The Heroine Paint: After Frankenthaler
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Publication Date Sep 2015

Following Frankenthaler's own painting, as well as her influence on other artists, this volume traces artistic currents gathered under her name as they move outwards in different directions over time.



"'Pretty Raw' has occasioned an excellent book, "The heroine Paint: After Frankenthaler," overseen by Ms. Siegel and just published by Gagosian Gallery. The title taken from a 1960 poem by her close friend Barbara Guest sharpens the idea that Frankenthaler altered painting s gender balance irrevocably, and to an extent that we are only beginning to appreciate." - Roberta Smith, "The New York Times" "How gratifying and long overdue to see a woman artist presentedas a starting point of art history rather than an afterthought, an add-on, or a footnote to the usual male-centered narrative." -Judy Chicago, artist "Helen Frankenthaler and her descendants remind us that our art isnever just what we make it s how we make it, what we wear, howwe pose, what we say, who we know. This staggering, complexbook is a required reading for every woman artist who has hoped(and labored) to be taken seriously." -Miranda July, filmmaker, artist, and writer Helen Frankenthaler s talent, skill, perseverance, grit, and idiosyncratic approach to her work continue to inspire artistic souls of all genders to this very day. She is proof that nothing is ever impossible and talent is sexless. -Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez, founders and designers at "Proenza Schouler" "It s great to have a history of painting that doesn t erase identity.In this book, bodies tell the story, they embody the knowledgeand the feeling a way of communicating that we could call female, or queer, or just more open. This history makes room, a kind ofhistorical community, for contemporary artists working with humor, color, pleasure, and everyday life; a really welcome corrective topurely formalist accounts." -Nicole Eisenman, artist "A juicy, wildly necessary book that formidably and playfullydecenters the 'recent' history of painting by dropping the stylishHelen Frankenthaler right on center stage as painting s trueabstract heroine of nextness. This flagrant and righteous visiongets backed up by a wyrd chorus that includes Marilyn Minter, Mike Kelley, Carrie Moyer, Polly Apfelbaum, Carroll Dunham, Cecily Brown, K8 Hardy, Amy Sillman, and Kara Walker, the tomeitself ending with the exquisite language: Hello, bitches." -Eileen Myles, poet "A brilliant, revisionary act of bringing forward "The heroine Paint," this groundbreaking collection on Helen Frankenthaler, her world, andher wide-ranging influence is not just restorative, but regenerative.An inspiration for anyone seeing or making art from the mid-twentiethcentury until now and onward, alive and well, into the future." -Jorie Graham, poet "Katy Siegel's The heroine Paint is revisionist in the best sense.Thisfresh accountoffers a doublereward: you encounter fascinating artists you neverbefore knew, while being releasedfrom thecritical paradigms and cliches that have kept their work out of the standard art histories." -Richard Shiff, Effie Marie Cain Regents Chair in Art at The University of Texas at Austin"""

About the Author

Katy Siegel is a contributing editor to Artforum and the editor in chief of Art Journal, as well as a Professor of Art History at Hunter College and Chief Curator of the Hunter College Galleries.

ISBN 9780847847051
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Pages 272p; 18.5 x 2.3 x 23.5 cm
Editor Katy Siegel
Format Softcover
Publishers Gagosian Gallery, New York, Rizzoli International Publications, New York
Related Artist Helen Frankenthaler
Categories Painting, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Language English

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