The Laptop Guy Vol 1 (issues 1 & 2)

The Laptop Guy Vol 1 (issues 1 & 2)
Publication Date Jul 2012
Description Laptop Guy Vol 1: (Issues 1 and 2) Various Writer(s): Jack Lothian with Sha Nazir, John Farman Artist: Sha Nazir with David Braysher, Roy Boyd, Erin McGrath Lettering: Sha Nazir (#1), Chris Connelly (#2) Follow the adventures of this bizarre and funny character, what starts off as a series of one page gags soon turns into a social comedy where LTG meets his maker. Brought to you buy Sha Nazir and Jack Lothian, the ongoing adventures of LTG are just going to keep getting weirder and funnier! NB: THIS ARTIST'S BOOK IS KEPT IN BALTIC ARCHIVE AND IS AVAILABLE TO VIEW BY APPOINTMENT
Quantity 1
Publisher Black Hearted Press
Related Artist Sha Nazir
Categories Animation/Cartoons/Comics/Graphic Novels, Artists' Books, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Comics
Language English

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