The Laptop Guy Vol 2

The Laptop Guy Vol 2
Publication Date May 2013
Description Laptop Guy Vol 2: Writer: Jack Lothian Artist: Sha Nazir Lettering: John Farman Out now- the brand new reboot of Laptop Guy, a full colour 28 page extravaganza in a new sitcomic style. Life imitates art as hapless hero Sha blows his life savings on creating a comic called Laptop Guy, a move that might not just ruin his finances… but his entire world. NB: THIS ARTIST'S BOOK IS KEPT IN BALTIC ARCHIVE AND IS AVAILABLE TO VIEW BY APPOINTMENT
Quantity 1
Publisher Black Hearted Press
Related Artist Sha Nazir
Categories Animation/Cartoons/Comics/Graphic Novels, Artists' Books, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Comics
Language English

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