The North Will Rise Again: In Search of the Future in Northern Heartlands

The North Will Rise Again: In Search of the Future in Northern Heartlands
Library Shelf Location 11.NORT
Publication Date 02 Feb 2023
An in-depth exploration of the importance of the North of England in the modern era.

The North Will Rise Again covers the colourful adventures of its inhabitants, the expansiveness and optimism that defines Northern culture, and the recurrent sense of failure and despair that is at the heart of one of the West's most impoverished regions.

By telling the story of the North in the last few decades, Alex goes in search of answers to some of the big questions at the forefront of British politics and society today, touching on live issues including the North/South divide, austerity, the impact of Brexit, the collapse of Labour's 'Red Wall', and calls for regional devolution. He concludes with a powerful argument for a revival of northern politics and society by way of what he calls 'radical regionalism'.

A native Northerner himself, having returned to his home city of Newcastle with his family in the last few years, Alex also includes elements of memoir and stories from his own family history to reflect some of the key arguments of his book.

To what extent are the crises of the last ten years partly the result of fundamental divides and inequalities in the geography of England? How did the North become a place of lost potential and broken dreams? And what can be done to make it one of the most dynamic and forward-looking places in the world once again? Niven considers all these questions and more in this lively and highly topical book.
ISBN 9781472993458
Quantity 1
Pages 320pp
Author Alex Niven
Format Hardback
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing, London
Category Local Studies
Keywords North of England, politcally engaged, Political, Working Class, Class and power, Class and identity, social class, North-South divide, Local Interest (Northeast of England)
Related City/Region North of England

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