The Sea is Rising And So Are We: A Climate Justice Handbook

The Sea is Rising And So Are We: A Climate Justice Handbook
Library Shelf Location 36.KAUF
Publication Date 2021

The Sea is Rising and So Are We: A Climate Justice Handbook is an invitation to get involved in the movement to build a just and sustainable world in the face of the most urgent challenge our species has ever faced. By explaining the entrenched forces that are preventing rapid action, it helps you understand the nature of the political reality we are facing and arms you with the tools you need to overcome them. The book offers background information on the roots of the crisis and the many rapidly expanding solutions that are being implemented all around the world. It explains how to engage in productive messaging that will pull others into the climate justice movement, what you need to know to help build a successful movement, and the policy changes needed to build a world with climate justice. It also explores the personal side, including how engaging in the movement can be good for your mental health. It ends with advice on how you can find the place where you can be the most effective and where you can build climate action into your life in ways that are deeply rewarding.

ISBN 9781629638652
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Authors Cynthia Kaufman, Bill McKibben
Format Paperback
Publisher PM Press
Category Natural History and Ecology
Keywords climate change, Climate emergency, climate justice, Global warming, civics, Citizenship

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