The Stars Who Created Kabuki: Their Lives, Loves and Legacy

The Stars Who Created Kabuki: Their Lives, Loves and Legacy
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Publication Date 31 Dec 1997
Description Kabuki is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost theatrical arts. Its enduring popularity is the legacy of pioneering actors who forged new styles and passed them on to later generations. The Stars Who Created Kabuki focuses on the lives and careers of the three most prominent of these formative figures. Ichikawa Danjuro (1660-1704) established the style called aragoto, or Wild acting", used to portray samurai and violent gods. Sakata Tojuro (1647-1709) was the great master of wagoto, or "gentle acting", the style of the romantic heroes, while Yoshizawa Ayame (1673-1729) perfected the highly refined art of the onnagata: male actors specializing in women's roles. Laurence Kominz is not only an authority in the field but a compelling storyteller. In addition to the original masters, he also profiles a few of the great contemporary actors, including Bando Tamasaburo, interviewing them in depth on their thoughts about the impact of the first stars on today's kabuki stage. The Stars Who Created Kabuki illuminates the flamboyant lives and tumultuous times of three great early actors -- a riveting introduction to the vibrant world of kabuki theater.
ISBN 9784770018687
Quantity 1
Pages 300
Author Laurence R Kominz
Format Hardback
Publisher Kodansha International Ltd
Category Theatre
Language English

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