The Tiger in the Smoke: Art and Culture in Post-War Britain

The Tiger in the Smoke: Art and Culture in Post-War Britain
Library Shelf Location 15a.GBNE
Publication Date 2017

Taking an interdisciplinary approach that looks at film, television, and commercial advertisements as well as more traditional media such as painting, The Tiger in the Smoke provides an unprecedented analysis of the art and culture of post-war Britain. Art historian Lynda Nead presents fascinating insights into how the Great Fogs of the 1950s influenced the newfound fashion for atmospheric cinematic effects. She also discusses how the widespread use of color in advertisements was part of an increased ideological awareness of racial differences. Tracing the parallel ways that different media developed new methods of creating images that variously harkened back to Victorian ideals, agitated for modern innovations, or redefined domesticity, this book's broad purview gives a complete picture of how the visual culture of post-war Britain expressed the concerns of a society that was struggling to forge a new identity.

ISBN 9780300214604
Quantity 1
Pages 416p; 19.7 x 3.2 x 25.4 cm
Author Lynda Nead
Format Hardback
Publisher Yale University Press, New Haven and London
Categories Art from a specific country, Surveys of Modern & Contemporary Art, Contemporary Cultural Studies
Keywords Post-war, Art and society, Domestic space, Social conditions, Colour
Related Country/Global Region Britain/UK
Language English

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