The Unframed World - Virtual Reality As Artistic Medium

The Unframed World - Virtual Reality As Artistic Medium
Library Shelf Location 31.HIMM
Publication Date Jun 2017

The latest virtual-reality technologies are asserting themselves currently in the domain of the fine arts and facilitating an immersion in artificial worlds. Virtual reality is used not only to explore aesthetic potential, but also as a critical medium for reflecting on the existential state of today’s life-world. The works presented in this publication deal with multifaceted themes, such as physical perception and physical laws, societal structures as well as architecture and poetry. The essays present the works from different research perspectives, thus enabling a broad overview of current trends in a media art based on virtual reality technologies.

ISBN 9783856168506
Quantity 1
Pages 96p; 17.4 x 1 x 24.6 cm
Editor Sabine Himmelsbach
Format Paperback
Publisher Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel
Category New Media/Digital Art
Keywords Virtual reality, Augmented reality
Languages English, German

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