The World According To Plants

The World According To Plants
Library Shelf Location 05.MULD
Publication Date 04 Mar 2021

Arjen Mulder has published a number of books on the influence of technical media on our experience of the world and how it translates into art, science, technology, and one’s own bodily experience. In ‘The World According to Plants’, he widens this perspective to include the blind spot where plants live. Beyond the closed reality of media, nature simply goes on existing. With a translated version of the first chapter from Mulder’s book ‘Vanuit de plant gezien’ (‘As Seen by the Plant’, 2019), this booklet is written in a consistently vitalist style, yet grounded in scientific facts. Seen through the vitalist lens, you do not become the plant, you experience the world from its point of view.

ISBN 9789071346538
Pages 64pp, 14 x 19 cm
Author Arjen Mulder
Format Paperback
Publisher Duizendeneen
Category Art Theory
Keywords Flora (plants), Nature
Language English

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