The Zabludowicz Collection: Archive Research File

The Zabludowicz Collection: Archive Research File
Archive Shelf Location 24/17.ZABL
Publication Date 2007

'Jesus, this exhibition's a bit rude...', Metro London, 4 January 2008, p4 'Fury over Jesus with a hard-on', Daily Sport, 4 January 2008, p 15 'Poll of the Day' Evening Chronicle, 3 January 2008, p 35 'Gallery slammed over graphic image of Christ', Evening Chronicle, 3 January 2008 'Controversial statue of Jesus with an erection offends gallery visitors', Daily Mail Online, 3 January 2008 'Terence Koh's Jesus Erection Offends',, 3 January 2008 'The Zabludowicz Collection', Blueprint Magazine, January 2008 'The Zabludowicz Collection', CultureTV, 26 December 2007 'Anita & Poju Zabludowicz', Art Review, 1 November 2007 'Billionaire's artworks to go on show', Evening Chronicle, 13 October 2007 'We Build, let us think that we build forever', By Andrew Fenwick, Metro, 9 October 2007 'BALTIC blowout - The Zabludowicz collection', The Crack magazine, 7 October 2007, P2 'A Treasure Trove', by David Whetstone, North East Exclusive - Art and Culture, October 2007 'That'll do nicely', sir, Art monthly, October 2007 '"I'm a lucky girl" - Geordie art collector makes a splash' by David Whetstone, Culture, October 2007, p14 'I've been around the world for art, it's one long journey, by Liz Lamb, Evening Chronicle, 24 September 2007, p22 'Baltic's summer of fun over', by David Whetstone, The Journal. 22 September 2007, p70 'New chapters for UK collectors', by Colin Gleadell, Daily Telegraph, 18 September 2007, p28 'a wealth of art' by Linda Richards in Evening Chronicle, 26 July 2007, p22

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Format Press Articles
Keywords Collecting, Collections, Collectors
Related Events The Zabludowicz Collection: When We Build, Let Us Think That We Build Forever (21 Sept07 - 20 Jan08), The Collectors Series
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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