Theresa Easton: Please leave your message for...

Theresa Easton: Please leave your message for...
Library Shelf Location ABC-EAST
Publication Date 2013

NOTE: THIS ARTIST'S BOOK IS HELD IN BALTIC ARCHIVE NOT THE LIBRARY. Please email for an appointment or see staff.

I am collecting remarks, thoughts, musings and rants from members of the public. These are not any old rants, but thought provoking, challenging ideas from the public feeling disaffected, apathetic and disenfranchised as a result of the recent austerity measures. The statements are collected and re-configured into a series of zines, bound together.  TE

As part of BALTIC Self-Publishing Artists' Market 2018 the Women Artists of the North East Library had a one-day residency in BALTIC Library researching the collection for records of exhibitions and projects by women artists associated with the North East. The documents found were pulled out of the collections to form a new online reading list of BALTIC Library. This also contributed to the Women Artists North East Library’s research.

This book now forms part of that reading list.

Quantity 1
Format Zine
Publisher Self-published
Related Artist Theresa Easton
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Artists' Books
Keywords Politics, Women Artists of the North East Library: Reading/Viewing List
Language English

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