This Book is Yours: Recipes for Artistic Collaboration

This Book is Yours: Recipes for Artistic Collaboration
Library Shelf Location 05.DEKU
Publication Date 01 Mar 2020

'This Book is Yours Recipes for Artistic Collaboration' covers four years in the life of Arc artist residency, from January 2015 till December 2018. Each chapter of the book starts with a recipe for a meal that was prepared at Arc on a certain occasion, because the easiest and most fundamental way of gathering people, exchanging, and collaborating is by cooking and eating together. The 19 chapters furthermore contain other «recipes» for artistic research and collaboration: texts, instructions, scores, drawings, essays, diaries, and more, contributed by artists and other practitioners from various fields who were involved in Arc.

ISBN 9783907112090
Quantity 1
Pages 334
Author Sally De Kunst
Format Paperback
Publisher Vexer Verlag
Category Art Theory
Keywords Food, Hospitality, Care, Collaboration
Languages English, French

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