Thomas Hirschhorn: Where Do I Stand? What Do I Want?

Thomas Hirschhorn: Where Do I Stand? What Do I Want?
Library Shelf Location 18.HIRS
Publication Date 2008
Description The Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn has been at the frontline of the alternative art scene for the last 20 years, consistently disseminating the iconography and socio-economics of a capitalist culture in meltdown. His latest work Where Do I Stand? What Do I Want? published this month by Art Review, is both a radical left-wing manifesto and a window into the soul of an artist whose prolific output is an attempt, not only to define his place in the world, but also a call to arms for those sleeping souls who realise that the only questions they really need to address are those of a revolutionary nature. The dizzying volume of his overpowering visual assaults, and the unquestionable nature of his commitment, is what makes Hirschhorn both a convincing and profoundly important agent provocateur.
ISBN 97809556294
Quantity 1
Pages 154
Format Hardback
Publisher ArtReview Ltd
Related Artist Thomas Hirschhorn
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Artist's Nationality Swiss
Language English

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