Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas
Library Shelf Location 28.THOM
Publication Date 1993
Description In Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington leaps with joy singing with wonder at his discovery of Christmas Town. He seems so real, so alive, that the viewer believes both he and his fantastical world must somehow exist. But in reality it is not Jack who is the star of the show; it is the over 140 artists and technicians who have spent more than two years bringing Jack and all his friends to life on the screen. Every gesture Jack makes was created by a human hand, by an animator who moved the puppet in tiny increments from frame to frame. Every character, every set, every prop had to be designed and then actually fabricated by someone. This book tells the true story of the film, highlighting the art and the vision that make the movie so memorable. The book includes original development art, behind-the-scenes production stills, extensive interviews with the main players, technical information, and the complete lyrics of Danny Elfman's engaging songs.
ISBN 0786853786
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Author Frank Thompson
Format Paperback
Publisher Roundtable Press
Category Animation/Cartoons/Comics/Graphic Novels
Language English

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