Toby Paterson: Consensus and Collapse

Toby Paterson: Consensus and Collapse
Library Shelf Location 18.PATE
Publication Date Jan 2010
Description Toby Paterson makes paintings, reliefs and constructions that explore the relationship between abstraction and reality. He has a keen interest in post-war modernist architecture, which he deconstructs both materially and politically, developing a practice in which some works are almost understandable as architecture, while others are expressions of purely abstract form.
ISBN 9780947912840
Quantity 1
Pages 152 Pages
Editor Fiona Bradley
Authors Simon Sadler, Ewan Imrie
Format Hardcover
Publisher Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
Related Artist Toby Paterson
Categories Painting, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Reliefs (sculptural technique), Abstraction, Architecture (subject)
Language English

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