Toile: The Fabric of Fashion - Issue #1 - 2016

Toile: The Fabric of Fashion - Issue #1 - 2016
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Publication Date 2016

Toile is the new biannual fashion magazine by the makers of Frame and Mark. Its mission is to inspire and promote innovation in the fashion industry and to raise awareness on the challenges it faces. What happens when virtual models push their fleshy counterparts out of the spotlight? How will we browse through shops that are visible only through VR lenses? When will wearable tech go beyond its gadget status to bring added value to daily life? How can luxury brands survive at a time when ‘the experience’ seems to dominate extravagance and logomania? Such are the questions Toile exposes and explores. From creation and production, to presentation and retail: Toile provides a holistic view of the world of fashion and presents future-proof concepts that promise to dress the world of tomorrow.

Toile’s very first issue sets out to explore the fashion industry’s most topical phenomena. We look at why the fashion industry is pushing the ‘reset’ button, where it’s happening, and how it’s being done. High-tech rebellions such as Berlin-based Zeitguised and London outfits Universal Assembly Unit and Convivial Project show us how digital culture is transforming fashion’s DNA. Photographers Petrovsky & Ramone visualize the lifestyle of modern nomads, while Dutch designer Borre Akkersdijk explores the potential of smart clothes to solve problems, from social to environmental.

We get under the skin of fashion and showcase bodily science in the magazine´s Body section, where we meet amorphous muses and unveil riveting views of the future from the likes of body architect Lucy McRae and ‘mutation maestro’ Shai Langen. In Talents, we pick out five fresh faces that are breaking fashion barriers to tap into the world of automobiles, comics, sports and politics for inspiration. In addition to the up-and-coming, we speak to those who have paved the way to where fashion is today. Designer Aitor Throup – who’s work appears on the cover – shares his experiences, from teaming up with G-Star RAW to dressing the heroes of The Hunger Games series.

‘All designers featured are innovators who are coming up with truly unique fabrics, yarns, distribution strategies and more. Who are determining their own pace and choosing their own ways of presenting and distributing their discoveries. It’s this kind of innovation that definesToile’s DNA,’ says editor-in-chief Alexandra Onderwater.

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Publication Toile: The Fabric of Fashion

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