Library Shelf Location 17.TRAC
Publication Date 1987
Abstract The concept for the exhibition 'Traces' arose out of a wish to show a movement in contemporary sculpture which has not yet been formally recognised, although it includes many artists currently working in Europe. This movement has arisen simultaneously with the dominance on the commercial scene of painters and, indeed lack of critical attention it has recieved has unconciously given sculptors the space, and time to research and develop their work. 'Traces' aims to show one aspect of contemporary sculpture through the work of three European artists: Daniel Brandely who lives and works in Strasbourg, Wasa Marjanov, a Yugoslavian, who is now living in Dusseldorf and Raffael Rheinsberg who is based in Berlin.
ISBN 090759414X
Quantity 1
Pages 32
Author Joanna Littlejohns
Format Paperback
Related Artists Daniel Brandely, Wasa Marjanov
Category Sculpture
Related Gallery Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Language English

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