Tracking Traces

Tracking Traces
Library Shelf Location 17.TRAC
Publication Date 2009
Description The world that surrounds us is full of signs and messages – traces of the world that contemporary art makes use of by copying, recycling, sampling and commenting on them. Traces can be found near and far: on the human body, in advertising images, on cereal packets and in the urban space. The traces can be physical imprints, visible signs, actions or memory traces. Some of the traces are left consciously, others are accidental. The one thing shared by the traces in the exhibition's works is that they transmit as well as shape our idea of ourselves and of the world. They are about life and the need for interaction. This, Kiasma's tenth collection exhibition, explores cultural traces through 122 works by 51 artists. The exhibition is divided into three thematic sections: Smudge, Bar Code and Imprint. Each section also includes past contemporary artworks.
ISBN 9789515331632
Quantity 1
Pages 132
Author Berndt Arell
Format Hardback
Publisher Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keyword Recycling
Language English

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