TRANSMISSIONS: Deep Deep Dream by Ignota Books

Publication Date 14 Oct 2020

Aired on TRANSMISSIONS.TV, 14-16 October

Deep Deep Dream by Ignota Books is an experiment in the techniques of awakening and an invitation to touch the dreamworld.

You will be guided through a series of simple exercises in three acts. Together they take the form of a palindrome. We have no map to the next world, but the future epoch is asking us a question. What kind of a world do you want to live in? To move the outer world, you must journey inwards. This transmission is a point of departure. You will be invited to participate by choosing between two paths. All you will need is enough space to lie down on your back and enough space to perform some exercises standing up. A yoga mat and headphones will be helpful, but not essential.

You must select what path you will take. You can only choose one or the other. This transmission will not make sense if you try both. The two paths exist simultaneously: you cannot walk both. You must choose one or the other, or none. ---

Creative Direction and Script by Ignota – Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers

Produced by M.J. Harding and Sammy Lee

Interlude 1 ‘Onomatopoeic Alphabet’ (excerpt) by Aura Satz

Interlude 2 ‘Futures Flowers’ (excerpt) by Nisha Ramayya

Act 3 Audio
‘Drone Meditation’ by Kenric McDowell
Produced by Jeremy Harris

Michael Oswell

Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X, Altarpieces, 1907
Anonymous artists, tantric paintings from Rajasthan
Hilma af Klint, The Dove, Nr. 12, 1915
Hildegard of Bingen, Universal Man illumination from Liber Divinorum Operum, 13th-century copy
Unknown artist, Flammarion engraving
Hilma af Klint, Tree of Knowledge, No. 1, 1913

Jorge Luis Borges
Octavia Butler
Audre Lorde
Terence McKenna

Thanks to
Kay Watson and Tom Wandrag
Jay Drinkall

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