Trekprudny Lane

Trekprudny Lane
Library Shelf Location 13.RUTR
Publication Date 2000
Description It was after a guest-teaching period at the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo that Larissa Zvezdotchotova brought us to Trekprudny Lane in 1993. That is where ten yound artists had for two years been living and working in an apartment block, where they had carried through an unbroken series of events and installations every Thursday at 19.00. Gradually this had developed into a central point in Moscow's art life - a literal and witty answer to to the prevailing art life situation ad a number of ideas and masterpieces of western art.
ISBN 9187144115
Quantity 1
Pages 64
Author Carina Heden
Publisher Hong Kong Press
Category Photography
Languages Russian, Swedish, English

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