Trenton Doyle Hancock: Skin and Bones

Trenton Doyle Hancock: Skin and Bones
Library Shelf Location 18.HANC
Publication Date 2015

Best known for his exuberant paintings centered around semitragic fictional characters called the Mounds, Trenton Boyle Hancock (born 1974) is also a prolific draftsman. The first in-depth examination of his drawings, collages and works on paper, this comprehensive survey brings together works made between 1984 and 2014. Tracing the evolution of Hancock's vision by showing the genesis of his mythology, including that of the epic Mound saga, and his wide range of high and low influences (comics, graphic novels, cartoons, music and film, as well as visual art), this catalogue demonstrates the fundamental, continuing importance of drawing in Hancock's work up to the present day. Also included in this volume is a 32-page comic book.

ISBN 9781933619507
Quantity 1
Pages 152
Editor Betsy Stepina Zinn
Authors Valerie Cassel Oliver, Bill Arning, Brooke Davis Anderson
Format Paperback
Publisher Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
Related Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock
Categories Drawing, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Comics, Graphic novels, pop culture, veganism

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