Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise
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Publication Date 2015

In Trouble in Paradise, Slavoj Žižek, one of our most famous, most combative philosophers, explains how by drawing on the ideas of communism, we can find a way out of the crisis of capitalism.

There is obviously trouble in the global capitalist paradise. But why do we find it so difficult to imagine a way out of the crisis we're in? It is as if the trouble feeds on itself: the march of capitalism has become inexorable, the only game in town.

Setting out to diagnose the condition of global capitalism, the ideological constraints we are faced with in our daily lives, and the bleak future promised by this system, Slavoj Žižek explores the possibilities - and the traps - of new emancipatory struggles.

Drawing insights from phenomena as diverse as Gangnam Style to Marx, The Dark Knight to Thatcher, Trouble in Paradise is an incisive dissection of the world we inhabit, and the new order to come.

ISBN 9780141979540
Quantity 1
Pages 288 Pages, 198mm x 17mm x 129mm
Author Slavoj Zizek
Format Paperback
Publisher Penguin
Category Philosophy
Keywords Capitalism, Communism
Language English

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