Type Team: Perfect Typeface Combinations

Type Team: Perfect Typeface Combinations
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Publication Date 2015

The ultimate guide for typographers or anyone wishing to combine individual typefaces for any creative project

Typeface combinations don’t always work together naturally. For an experienced designer, the process becomes largely intuitive, but even seasoned professionals sometimes struggle to come up with the perfect pairing.

Developed with typographers, graphic designers and font geeks in mind, Type Team gets to grips with the best techniques for combining typefaces from all classifications and styles for any project.

Almost 150 typeface combinations are grouped into 25 contrasting categories, ranging from Classical and Scholarly to Edgy and Vibrant, and with a full page devoted to each entry. In addition, 50 typographic principles are discussed and illustrated using appropriate typefaces.

In this unique reference for font spotters, designers, and users, the perfect typeface combination for any creative project can always be found.

Tony Seddon is a designer, art director and writer. He has written or co-written five books, including Greetings from Retro Design.

ISBN 9780500291689
Quantity 1
Pages 224
Author Tony Seddon
Format Paperback
Publisher Thames and Hudson Ltd, London
Category Typography
Language English

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