Understanding Art

Understanding Art
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Publication Date 2009
Description Instructors edition: Understanding Art is the perfect vehicle to help you drive students' awareness and appreciation of art. With balanced coverage of the masterworks from the past and today's sometimes edgy new works, Understanding Art connects with students - capturing their attention with exciting images of fashion design from the runways of New York and Paris, logos created by today's top advertising designers, and the cultural icons that confront students in their daily lives. The book's strong pedagogy and engaging personal approach focus on the needs of students. The "A Closer Look" feature is geared to help students understand the role of art in society and in everyday life by offering insights into artists' personalities and delving into various topics at greater depth, while the "Compare and Contrast" feature shows two or more works of art side by side and phrases questions that help students focus on their stylistic and technical similarities and differences between two or more works. The book's award winning design and its stunning art program result in a text that is both visually appealing and enjoyable to read. The "Art Tours" feature photographs and guides by the author, highlighting public art in specific cities around the world, allowing students to experience art where it is located. There are "Art Tours" of Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, New York, Washington, D.C.,Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth and a new tour on Florence. Each "Art Tour" ends with a note to remind students to go to the web site to obtain more information, including travel tips, maps, links to the museums and other interesting facts about that city. Quotes by artists, critics, and others appear throughout to highlight material and place art in context. TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. INTRODUCTION. 1. What is Art? II. THE LANGUAGE OF ART. 2. Visual Elements.of Art. 3. Principles of Design. 4. Style, Form and Content. III. TWO-DIMENSIONAL MEDIA. 5. Drawing. 6. Painting. 7. Printmaking. 8. Imaging: Photography, Film, Video, and Digital Arts. IV. THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEDIA. 9. Sculpture. 10. Site-Specific Art. 11. Architecture. 12. Craft and Design. V. ART THROUGH THE AGES. 13. The Art of the Ancients. 14. Classical Art: Greece and Rome. 15. Christian Art: From Catacombs to Cathedral. 16. The Renaissance. 17. The Age of Baroque. 18. Art beyond the West. VI. ART IN MODERN AND POSTMODERN TIMES. 19. Modern Art. 20. The Twentieth Century: The Early Years. 21. The Twentieth Century: Post-War to Post-Modern. 22. Art in the Twenty-First Century: A Global Perspective. Glossary. Index. Photo Credits.
ISBN 9780495569299
Quantity 1
Pages 584
Author Lois Fichner-Rathus
Format Paperback
Publisher Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, Boston
Category Surveys of Modern & Contemporary Art
Language English

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