Uppercase Magazine #37

Uppercase Magazine #37
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Publication Date 2018

Issue 37

april / may / june 2018

Dear Reader,

Although every issue of
UPPERCASE could be described as a celebration of ink on paper, in this particular edition we’re diving into the substance of what makes a colourful publication like this one possible—that very special combination of tiny cyan, magenta, yellow and black dots that work together to create everything you see printed on this page. (Get a magnifying glass and get in real close! Enjoy that inky smell, too! The vegetable-based inks really smell great on our 100% recycled paper stock.)

Beyond graphic design and the printing process, the colour quartet known as CMYK has made its way into our visual vernacular, influencing creatives in all sorts of mediums and methods, as you can see in our reader-submitted artwork.

And black (or K for “key” in printing terminology) has always been a go-to basic for creative expression. In this issue, learn about an ancient ink called sumi, as well as an innovative new ink derived from car exhaust, turning pollutants into artistic possibilities.


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Categories Textiles, Contemporary Craft, Design/Graphic Design
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