Uppercase Magazine #38

Uppercase Magazine #38
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Publication Date 2018

Issue 38


Dear Reader,

In this issue, we explore the dichotomy of order and chaos.
One cannot exist without the other, if only to provide comparison and contrast. Scattered randomness promotes happenstance. Ordered neatness provides welcome respite in a chaotic world. There’s certainly beauty to be found in each: creativity is often sparked by a bit of wayward thinking, while discipline and organized processes bring ideas to life.

One of the easiest ways to corral chaos and stay organized is to put things in their proper place. And so we celebrate containers—from the simple cardboard box to old-fashioned, elaborate biscuit tins. With vessels as gorgeous as these, we’ll want to put our treasured items within. Graphic, efficient and practical packaging also has its place; peruse the dozens of submissions of our readers’ favourite packaging designs.

Rounding out this issue are projects employing gold and other metals. A little gilding and gold leaf can elevate something simple into the exquisite!


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Categories Textiles, Contemporary Craft, Design/Graphic Design
Publication UPPERCASE

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