Urban Guerrilla Protest: Reclaim 9Five>>05

Urban Guerrilla Protest: Reclaim 9Five>>05
Library Shelf Location 09a.RUDO
Publication Date 2008
Description Ever since the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, the world at large has been made aware of the grassroots, DIY approach to giving voice to opinions that have been long confined to the margins of the media. Ake Rudolf has documented the growth of this movement, focusing on the events, organizations, inventions and factions active between 1995 and 2005. In doing so, Rudolf demonstrates the verve and innovation that these urban guerrillas employ, whether they are denouncing globalization or reclaiming the streets from advertisers. Urban Guerrilla Protest features well-known activists such as Reverend Billy, and lesser know, yet no less effective, protesters like the Billboard Liberation Front and Hektor, a remote-control graffiti robot. This highly visual book shows the efforts of these protestors, working all over the world, for any number of causes. Readers are left with proof that no matter how much the world may seem hemmed in by enormous corporate conglomerates, the voices of the people will always find ways to be heard, and paid attention to.
ISBN 9780979048692
Quantity 1
Pages 144
Author Ake Rudolf
Format Hardback
Publisher Mark Batty Publisher, New York
Category Graffiti/Street Art
Keywords Globalisation, Political art, Protesting, Communication, Activism
Languages German, English

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