Urgent Painting 

Urgent Painting 
Library Shelf Location 20.BOSS
Publication Date Jan 2002
Description The question of Painting. Again, always; here and elsewhere. The subject is a daunting one. But its reality is undeniable and the Musuem regularly feels a compelling desire to come to grips with it. The motives are always the same, and always different.
ISBN 2879006031
Quantity 1
Pages 129
Author Laurence Bosse
Format Plastic Cover
Publisher Exhibitions International
Related Artists Alain Sechas, Arturo Herrera, Beatriz Milhazes, Federico Herrero, Julie Mehretu, Katharina Grosse, Laura Owens, Michael Lin, Sarah Morris, Sergej Jensen, Wilhelm Sasnal, Carroll Dunham, Verne Dawson, Surasi Kusolwong, Adam Adach, Nathan Carter, Yayoi Deki, Tatjana Doll, Vladimir E Dubossarsky & Alexander A. Vinogradov, Andreas Eriksson, Michaela Math, Victor Mutale, Stephane Pencreac'h, Shahzia Sikander, vasily tzagolov, Franz Gertsch, Karen Leo, Mathew Ritchie, Miltos Manetas, Anton Vidokle
Category Painting
Related Gallery Musee D'Art Moderne, Paris
Language English

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