Verdi Yahooda: Guidelines to the System

Verdi Yahooda: Guidelines to the System
Library Shelf Location ABC-YAHO
Publication Date 1990

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Edition of 500 copies

Guidelines to the System is a book in three distinct parts. The first section ‘Landmarks’, consists of a pattern-cutter’s guide to measuring the body. The second section is a text, ‘9th August 1990’ by photographer, Craigie Horsfield. The final section, ‘Pathways’, consists of photographic images − taken by Verdi Yahooda, who is primarily a photographer − of dressmaker’s paraphernalia.

This book, both in form and in content, presents itself as an enigma. The unique loose-leaf construction along with the juxtaposition of texts and image combine to entice the reader into solving the enigma of ‘The System’.

ISBN 9781870699044
Quantity 1
Pages 48 pages; 220 x 170mm
Format Presented in a cover made from pattern cutting board with chalk-white blocking and hand-worked markings and perforations
Publisher Book Works, London
Related Artist Verdi Yahooda
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Language English

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