Victor Pasmore: Space as Motif (Works from 1960-1970)

Victor Pasmore: Space as Motif (Works from 1960-1970)
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Publication Date 22 Feb 2019

A fully illustrated catalogue of the work of one of the most prominent figures of post-war British art and architecture, Victor Pasmore (1908-1998).

Born in Surrey, UK, Pasmore’s early lyrical landscapes and sensitive approach to figurative painting soon earnt him a reputation as one of the outstanding painters of his generation. However, this traditional style of painting was later superseded by his abstract paintings, collages and rigorously constructed reliefs, such that he is now best known for pioneering the development of abstract art in Britain. In the 1960s, his geometry softened and he introduced more painterly, natural forms and curves into his work. Often conveyed through the use of new techniques such as sponge and spray painting, Pasmore also experimented with a more vibrant colour palette in his output from this decade. Pasmore holds a unique place in the canon of British art as his work reflects and anticipates the changes that occurred in art and art practice across the twentieth century, leading him to become one of the foremost exponents and theorists of abstract art. His work, in all its diversity, remains challenging and relevant in the contemporary landscape.

ISBN 9781909707566
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Pages 40
Author Chris Stephens
Format Paperback
Publisher Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd
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Keywords Post-war, British art and architecture, Abstract art, Collages, Sponge and spray painting
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