Vintage Music T-Shirt Scrap

Vintage Music T-Shirt Scrap
Library Shelf Location 25.IDE
Publication Date 2020

Japanese music producer and artist Yasushi Ide collects rare T-shirts from everyone’s favourite bands. ‘Vintage Music T-Shirt Scrap’ contains about 580 images of rare T-shirts from his collection. Introducing a number of vintage T-shirts collected from the perspective of the Tokyo-based music producer and founder of the Grand Gallery music label, the book is a journey through music and the culture of the times through T-shirts of twelve musical genres: Punk + New Wave, New York, Hip Hop, Soul + Funk, P-Funk, Jazz + Blues, Reggae + Afrobeat, UK Club + Dance, Alternative, Pop, Rock, and Festival. Yasushi Ide has been working as a DJ and producer since the ’80s.

ISBN 9784991160509
Quantity 1
Pages 336pp
Editor Yasushi Ide
Author Yasushi Ide
Format Softcover
Publisher Grand Gallery
Category Fashion
Keywords Fashion, Fashion and Textiles Design, Music, Pop Music
Languages Japanese, English

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