Visible Magic: The Art of Optical Illusions

Visible Magic: The Art of Optical Illusions
Library Shelf Location 06.ILLU
Publication Date 2012
Description Graphic artist Robert Ausbourne reveals the mystery behind a wide spectrum of optical illusions in this fascinating, full-colour book. He begins with an explanation of our visual system, highlighting ways in which we can trick the brain into seeing images and effects that don't actually exist. Entertaining turn-of-the-century illusions are presented along with impossible 3-D objects, including diagrams that show how to create these complex figures. Other chapters focus on colour perception, afterimages, ambiguous figures and illusions in nature. Over 300 colourful illustrations by the author and other talented artists supplement classic examples, all of which are accompanied by text and captions that explain the history, technique, or effect of various types of illusions. With both striking visuals and illuminating commentary at the turn of every page, the reader will come away entertained, informed and inspired.
ISBN 9781402766985
Quantity 1
Pages 168 Pages all in color 8 X 10
Author Robert Ausborne
Format Paperback
Publisher Sterling Publishing
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Op art, Illusion
Language English

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