Visual Learning in the Community School

Visual Learning in the Community School
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Publication Date 2004
Description Booklet 1 - Art is all about looking This booklet examines the practice of Roy Smith, a visual artist who worked on a weekly basis over a year with reception, year one and year two children. The research tracks cognitive development, focus and attention in the children through their experiences with Roy. The booklet also details how the children's language and drawing skills developed through 'learning to look'. Booklet 2 - Hoping for accidents: media and technique 'Art like all creative thinking, is marked by accident and experimentation'. This booklet explores the combination of accidents and deliberation in Roy Smith's work with children and his range of medium and techniques. From small motor skills development through to artistic techniques for improved expression the research examines the importance of intention as well as invention. Booklet 3 - With an eye on design This booklet reflects upon the collaboration in learning among teachers, artists and children as they showcase their work in Hythe. The importance of display and the value given to children's ideas and work are explored through the work of Ben Kelly and the joinedupdesignforschools project with the Sorrell Foundation. Booklet 4 - It looks to me as if: talking about picture books This booklet discusses the study of illustrated text for young children. Picture books serve as 'narrative props' helping children articulate art. Through constant modelling and requests for commentary the teachers help elongate their students language into detailed explanations of stories to be found within art. Booklet 5 - Sharing a common vision: community learning for community futures This final booklet examines the school's community vision and involvement for children, teachers, artists and parents to create a learning community for all. Teachers convey and model their respect for children's thinking in creative and collaborative projects that give children ample time to consider, construct and communicate their learning. The schools SAT's improvements are also included.
ISBN 0728710366
Quantity 1
Authors Shirley Brice Heath, Shelby A Wolf
Format Paperback(s) in Card Case
Publisher Creative Partnerships
Category Education/Learning
Keyword Schools
Related Country/Global Region England
Language English

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