Vuk Cosic: Untitled

Vuk Cosic: Untitled
Publication Date 2000

This work by Vuk Cosic was commissioned by BALTIC as part of the artists involvement with the 'A history of the Future-from Metroplois to the Matrix' in 2000-2001. The 'A history of the Future' project ia a northern architecture project for Tyneside cinema delivered in collaboration with BALTIC, Globe Gallery, Nexus, Northern Architectural Association, The photographers Gallery and Waygood Gallery. It was funded by the Arts Council of England, NorthernArts and Wimpey Homes.

Credit Vuk Cosic
Copyright Vuk Cosic, BALTIC
Format JPEG
Related Artist Vuk Cosic
Keyword ASCII
Related City/Region Gateshead
Related Event A History of the Future- from Metropolis to the Matrix
Related Galleries Globe Gallery, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Photographers Gallery, London
Publication BALTIC Newsletter No. 11

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