Wall: Artists from Waygood Gallery and Studios

Wall: Artists from Waygood Gallery and Studios
Library Shelf Location 17.WALL
Publication Date 2001

Contrary to reports this book has not been removed from the BALTIC Library. It has never been part of BALTIC Archive as we do not have any connection the Waygood Gallery archive. The archive here is for BALTIC related exhibitions and events only.

Quantity 1
Authors George Heslop, Topsy Qur'et, Mike Campbell
Formats Catalogue, Paperback
Publisher North Tyneside Arts
Related Artists Alison Unsworth, Andy Sheridan, George Heslop, Graham Patterson, Jennifer Douglas, Karen Davies, Topsy Qur'et, Len Horsey, James White, Stephen Palmer, Mike Collier, Laurence Ward, Claire Davies, Ali Lee, Laura Lancaster, Alan McGinn, Nina Byrne, Carol McGuigan, Antoinette Hacher, Ralph Sheeran, Sam Cole, Yy Liew, Jona, Helen Smith, Paul Moss
Months August 2001, September 2001
Categories Galleries/Museums/Private Collections, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Related City/Region Tyne And Wear
Related Countries/Global Region Britain/UK, England
Related Galleries AdHoc Gallery, Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
Related Curator/Producer Mike Campbell
Language English

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