Wang Du

The Space-Time Tunnel

17 May 2006 - 3 September 2006

BALTIC invites you on a multi-sensory journey through The Space - Time Tunnel, a 35 metre tunnel of newspapers, magazines and 66 television screens broadcasting global television programmes. Chinese artist Wang Du’s first UK solo exhibition will introduce The Space-TimeTunnel, a large-scale sculptural installation which submerges the visitor into a giddying media flow. Exhibition visitors are invited to journey through a mass of newspapers and magazines combined with more than 66 TV-screens, incessantly broadcasting programmes from global television networks.

When he relocated to Paris in 1990, Wang Du was instantly startled by the intrusive presence of media images in the public sphere and their permanent meddling of reality and representation. Wang Du’s practice involves collecting media images and appropriating them into expansive sculptures. His curiosity about the media and what he terms the ‘international landscape’ – advertising hoardings, newstands overflowing with newspapers, bright multicoloured magazines and an endless flood of television – has become the main inspiration for his work. These sculptures are often overwhelming due to their immense stature and their critique on the power of mass media in contemporary society.

The Space-Time Tunnel is from the Collection of the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation.

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