We Are Where We Are: Installation View (02)

We Are Where We Are: Installation View (02)
Publication Date 15 Jun 2018

A point, a period, or a step in a process, We Are Where We Are is a dark place for moving forward. Works will be in, underneath and between treated walls.

This exhibition at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne showcases new and existing works by Liverpool Biennial Associate Artists, 11 artists from the North of England. The show and programme are the culmination of a three-year initiative by Liverpool Biennial, in partnership with Independent Curators International, New York and CACTUS, Liverpool.

Simeon Barclay / Jacqueline Bebb / Lindsey Bull / Robert Carter / Lauren Velvick / Nina Chua / Matthew Crawley / Frances Disley / Daniel Fogarty / Harry Meadley / Stephen Sheehan

Curated by Joe Fletcher Orr, Founder and Director, CACTUS, Liverpool and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

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