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Publication Date 2016
WEtransFORM brings together more than 30 internationally renowned artists and designers from around the world on such alarming themes as the rapidly dwindling natural reserves of drinking water, fossil fuels (especially oil), food and soil, or the use of rare earth elements by the global computer industry.

This publication combines statements on our species’ striking ecological footprint with works on the growing islands of plastic in the oceans and mountains of rubbish on land. It assesses the situation with pictures of the way humans have reshaped Earth’s surface: the way we alter our world brings endless new suggestions for improvements and approaches to solving problems we ourselves have created.

As well as dystopian scenarios, WEtransFORM also offers insights into the intensive search for alternatives and presents new dialogues between humankind and nature: counter-models to traditional energy sources, examples of fair production, action taken to reduce consumption and renounce status symbols, personal guidelines for environmentally friendly lifestyles, and models for fairer distribution of resources.

Featuring the work of Mark Dion, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Tue Greenfort, SUPERFLEX, and many others.

Classic environmentalist literature is usefully referenced throughout the resource-index of this publication. Titles include: Walden (Henry David Thoreau), Silent Spring (Rachel Carson), Small is Beautiful (E.F. Schumacher), and the Whole Earth Catalog.

ISBN 9783903131262
Quantity 1
Pages 121 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 23 cm.
Editor Franziska Stohr
Authors Eva Kraus, Martina Fineder
Format Softcover
Publisher Verlag fur Moderne Kunst
Categories Sculpture, Installation, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists, Theory
Keywords Ecology, Architecture
Language English

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