When a Painting Moves...Something Must be Rotten!

When a Painting Moves...Something Must be Rotten!
Library Shelf Location 05.WEND
Publication Date 2011
Description When does a painting cease to be a painting? Can a painting be rendered through analogue and digital technologies? Is a moving painting a perversion of painting? Does painting have an inherently performative aspect? The essays and interviews gathered here analyze the potential of the “pictorial as moving image” in our mass media and technology-driven society. With works by leading international artists, this survey challenges our formal and iconographic conception of the pictorial in contemporary visual art as it is redefined by film, video, animation, and performance.
ISBN 9788881588169
Quantity 1
Pages 76
Editors Paco Barragán, Selene Wendt
Format Paperback
Publisher Charta
Related Artists Fabian Marcaccio, Sam Taylor-Wood, A K Dolven, Ori Gersht, Bill Viola
Category Theory
Language English

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